The Artists

Taken together, Nathaniel and Sasha have been working creatively between language, visual art, and computational media for more than 5 decades. Their work has been featured in magazines and museums, at universities and in the mainstream press, via TED talks and art fairs, the world over. As WIRED magazine says, no tongue in cheek, “it really makes you think.”

Nathaniel Stern is an artist, writer, teacher, and father, a full Professor of Art, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship, Executive Director of the Autism Brilliance Lab for Entrepreneurship (ABLE), and co-founder of the climate action startup, Eco Labs. His work across the fields of art and publishing, research and industry, more generally frames and amplifies who and how we “are,” then asks how we “could be,” in more productive and impactful ways.

Sasha Stiles is an award-winning metapoet, language artist, and AI researcher working at the intersection of text and technology. Her hybrid practice considers what it means to be human in a nearly posthuman era, and she frequently writes in collaboration with Technelegy, an AI-powered large language model fine-tuned on her own poetry and reference materials. All poems in MOTHER COMPUTER are by Stiles and Technelegy.

Photo by Ann Marie Alanes

Stern and Stiles continue their collaborations on-chain (as well as their individual practices), while also working towards their large-scale, IRL exhibition, MOTHER COMPUTER: Thinking with Natural and Artificial Intelligences.